The Pickled Fairy and Other Myths - Fremantle
The Pickled Fairy and Other Myths - Fremantle
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Open every day, 10am – 5pm, including public holidays

Parties for 7 and 8 year olds

The Mermaid and the Sea Fairies party

Mermaid and the Seafairies party

Dress up as a sea fairy, a pirate or a mermaid and join the Sea Fairy Queen for a journey under the sea.

A story, songs and dances, mermaid games, yummy food and sea fairy juice make this party lots of fun.

Every child takes home a little present.

The Fairy Song and Dance Party

The Fairy Song and Dance Party

If you love to sing and dance, and would like to learn some funky new moves, this is the party for you!

Learn how to be a cheeky fairy, how to do the crazy fairy dance, and how to sing and dance with the bubble bath fairies.

Of course we still have time for fairy food and a birthday cake! And everyone gets a little fairy present to take home.

Come dressed in your cheekiest fairy wear!

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Get ready to step into another place and time when you meet Alice, who will take you and your guests into the Party Palace for a terribly elegant tea party, with organic rose petal tea, served on the very best china, of course. 

When you have finished your tea (learning oh so proper tea etiquette as you go), it is time to test your knowledge of the world of Alice. The Mad Hatter has left a basket full of games. Be prepared to use your imagination! 

Naturally, you will want to wear your best tea party frock or perhaps dress as a character from Wonderland. 

Most suitable for ages 7 and over. Younger siblings who want to attend are welcome and will have their own special sparkle cup and plate, but will need the supervision of an adult, because of the hot tea and fine china on the table. 

Grandmother, mother and daughter gatherings are also a fine idea, bringing together all the girls of the family for high tea with a bit of shenanigans!

(Note to Grannies - we do sit on the floor!)


Fairy Storybook Party


Our charming Storytelling Fairy weaves her magic to make the birthday child the hero of an exciting story that takes us deep into Fairyland.

The activities, singing, dancing, wishes and drawing, even the food and drinks are woven into the fabric of the story, so that it is like being inside a play, where you are the actors!

So don' t forget to dress as a character from Fairyland.

Fairytale Party

Who is your favorite Fairytale character?

Cinderella? Snow White? Peter Pan or Tinkerbell? Or maybe its Princess Belle or even Shrek? Invite your friends to dress up too and get ready to come to the fairytale palace.

This party is full of fun and games that include all of the Fairytale folk from books and movies. Of course there is a fairytale feast too!

All your friends get to take home a fairytale bracelet.

So don' t forget to dress as a character from Fairyland.

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